New Mountain Bike Park!

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It seems these days that most of the issues surroundings our mountain bike community result in desperate cries to help save trails. It is refreshing to report that the City of Redmond Parks and Recreation Department is making some serious headway into the development of a new off-road bike park.

The goals of Redmond Bike Park are to provide local riders of all ages and skill leves with a facility designed and built specifically for developing riding skills in a safe and controlled environment


Since the 1990s, dirt jumps have been built by community members on city property outside of Hartman Park. The City convened community members to discuss the issues relating to this property and the predominant opinion was to find a way for the city to allow the use on the property. The City has been working to legitimize the existing use and formally design the jumps and park to adhere to current posted rules and best practices. The City also is working with community members to develop a more formal group of volunteers to build and maintain the park.

The City contracted Hilride Progression Development Group to assist in the evaluation of potential locations for a bike park facility in the Education Hill area. The current site was selected as the most feasible location and was approved by the Parks and Trails Commission and City Council as the permanent site for the bike park to be developed. The City is now working with Hilride, local riders and the community to design the bike park facility.

The final design is to be completed in late June with construction beginning late Summer. The construction of the project will require community members to volunteer their time to help build and maintain the bike park.  The City will work with Hilride to provide a series of three volunteer builder trainings to teach volunteers how to build and maintain the park.

How You Can Help

  • Volunteer to Build
  • Donate materials (dirt, wood, fencing, plants)
  • Donate food and drinks for work parties
  • Donate money to Realize Redmond to benefit the park.

Builder Training and Work Party Kick Off Event

June 18-19, 9:am to 4pm

Sign up now!

For More Information



Carolyn Hope (project information)
City of Redmond

Jeni Craswell (donations)
Realize Redmond

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